Cold Cut: Our Greatest Hits and Tropes

Every band has its greatest hits. Every TV show has its greatest tropes. We’re not any different. In this Cold Cut from TGT 50, Lakin and Pete gab the gamut of topics we’ve beaten to death many times before. If you like hearing us talk about other people’s podcasts (in this case, S-Town), United States of Tara/Weeds, how Pete doesn’t ever take Lakin’s entertainment recommendations, Donald Trump, The Matrix, and Keanu Reeves’ questionable acting abilities, then it’s all here in one concise 18-minute package.

Don’t scoff. We bet if you recorded hundreds of hours of yourself droning into a mic, you’d catch yourself rehashing the same shit ad nauseam, too. Although you probably wouldn’t obsess over Showtime shows and overrated actors and pompous presidents as much as we do…

Scapegoats & Straw Men CC “Our Greatest Hits and Tropes”

TGT 51: The Trump Pervasion

The talking continues as Pete and Lakin muse upon the pervasion of Donald Trump. They also muse upon sexual orientation and epigenetics. But somehow it circles back to Trump. Everything circles back to Trump. Eventually.

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 51 “The Trump Pervasion”

TGT 50: The Broken Toilet of Existential Dread

The talking continues as Lakin extols the virtues of self-winding mechanical watches and Pete breaks a toilet. Throw in a dash of existential dread and an apocalyptic cover of “Nearer, My God, to Thee,” and you have another beautiful day in the TGT neighborhood.

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 50 “The Broken Toilet of Existential Dread”

6: Sh*t from a Hat (Repodcast)

We return with new episodes in May, but in the meantime, we present a repodcast of our very first “Sh*t from a Hat.” Here’s how we described it way back then: “A fiendish fedora tricks two logical humanoids into defending irrational thought.”

Scapegoats & Straw Men S01E06 “Sh*t from a Hat”

Cold Cut: Good Friday Shiva (Repodcast)

Following up on our repost from yesterday, it’s only appropriate that we include the Cold Cut from SSM 4. Here’s how we described it way back then: “On this Good Friday edition of ‘Cold Cuts,’ two Gentiles discuss their preference for Shiva rituals, especially after dealing with their fathers’ deaths.”

Have a great holiday weekend, and we’ll catch ya on the next one!

Scapegoats & Straw Men S01CC “Good Friday Shiva”

4: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Easter Edition (Repodcast)

Given that it’s Easter weekend, let’s revisit a podcast we recorded in March 2015 that’s all about our inevitable fate. Here’s how we described our discussion way back then: “Death weighs heavily on the minds of a twenty and thirtysomething as they contemplate whether life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have passed them by.”

Scapegoats & Straw Men S01E04 “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Easter Edition”

TGT 49: Inside Our Mind Palace

The talking continues as Lakin and Pete take a tour of several mind palaces, ranging from the Current Occupant of the White House (COWH) to wedding photography to event boundaries to paranoia about Internet security. It’s a hodgepodge of thoughts that occasionally resemble conversation, all with an extra dash of hodge and a spritz of podge.

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 49 “Inside Our Mind Palace”

TGT 48: A Master Class on Masterclass

You’ve probably seen those MasterClass ads on YouTube and Facebook, the ones in which a celebrity promises to make you almost as good as they are at something. In this episode, Pete and Lakin discuss the MasterClasses of Gordon Ramsay, Dustin Hoffman, and deadmau5. Also: Santa Clarita Diet (SPOILERS!), technology vs. old people, and who calls art art.

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 48 “A Master Class on Masterclass”

TGT 47: Lakin Reviews the Food Network (and Other Fun Rabbit Trails)

The talking continues as Lakin gives the most comprehensive review of the Food Network’s Programming you’ll ever hear. Because Pete lacks any relevance to the modern world, he simply listens and does his best to act like he knows what the Food Network is. He won’t be winning an Oscar for this performance, folks!

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 47 “Lakin Reviews the Food Network (and Other Fun Rabbit Trails)”

TGT 46: We Are Confident Idiots

The talking continues as Pete and Lakin discuss a great article by researcher David Dunning titled “We Are All Confident Idiots.” In fact, we encourage you to give it a glance before listening to us gab about it. The article can be found here:

Scapegoats & Straw Men TGT 46 “We Are Confident Idiots”